USB Port Electrical Protection

Nowadays most people are pretty cautious and aware when it comes to computers and malicious software; avoid dodgy sites, only download applications from verified sources etc… But perhaps one of the biggest threats to your computer can come from that harmless looking USB port. USB drives offer the greatest window of control over your computer, so much so that offices, corporations, even airlines go to extreme lengths to protect against hacker threats via USB ports. But whilst protecting against cyber-attacks is all well and good, most people often overlook the electrical ramifications of foreign USB devices.

USB killer productWhich brings to light to story dubbed the ‘USB Killer’. Designed to test commercial products against electrical attacks, the USB Killer is definitely not a toy. Long story short, it draws power from the USB port to charge a capacitor bank up to 240V, and then discharges it back through the USB bus, unleashing a lethal voltage and current that not only fries the USB bus, but runs rampant through the motherboard, potentially destroying the computer.

It’s the D-Day equivalent of USB technology, however it does draw to attention the importance of protecting USB ports against both software, and electrical attacks. To check out more info and tech specs on the USB Killer, check out the website here.


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