Vinyl Digitizer Phono Preamp

Now, this one is a little foreign to me (being born 5 years before the turn of the century) but I can still appreciate the technology behind it.

So a long time ago, apparently people used these things called ‘Vinyls’? I’m joking, I at least know what they are. But in this day and age full of the ‘smaller is better’ philosophy, Vinyls are being only used for a select few due to their ‘rich’ sound.

So what do you do if you happen to have a stack of Vinyls sitting out in your garage? There are many different types of converters available in retail, but why not make your own?

Make newest Weekend Project runs through how to build your own Vinyl Digitizer using just an Op-amp and some circuitry which filters and equalizers the sound specifically for Vinyl records.

When the records were made an equalization curve was applied to them, this was called the RIAA Recording Curve. The RIAA Recording Curve allowed for longer playing records, reduced noise and minimized wear and damage to the Vinyl itself. The Vinyl Digitizer circuitry applies an inverse filter curve in order to normalize the sound.

The build is not for the electronics novice as it requires skilful soldering and attentive connection making.

If you would like to have a go at building one yourself make sure to check out the Make project page and pick up the components in our store.