Use a Scanner Light and Arduino as an RGB Lamp

There’s no better feeling than finding a use for something which would otherwise be thrown out, and that’s exactly what Instructables user Robson Couto has done with an old scanner light. The key to this innovation is that scanner lights contain an RGB LED inside them, allowing them to create any color imaginable with the right code and an Arduino board. Using this knowledge, it is possible to create an awesome and customizable lamp from a piece of old hardware that might otherwise be thrown away.

Finding the LED connection inside the scanner light is a delicate process and involves separating the PCB from the plastic enclosure, however, once you have located the connection it is just a matter of attaching the Arduino board and creating the code for an amazing glow. Robson Couto provides a few lines of code which will make the scanner light shine in a variety of colors. Of course, this part is completely customizable and you can program the lamp to display one color continually, change colors every few minutes, or even add more hardware such as a microphone and create a sound activated lamp.

The amazing thing about the scanner light is that it is recycling a piece of hardware that would otherwise be useless and creating a lamp which has limitless options. The dimensions of a scanner light also allows for placement of the lamp in unusual places such as between the ceiling and a wall or underneath the lip of a shelf. Whatever you skill level, this project should be achievable and is perfect for people using an Arduino board for the first time to build up confidence.