Trigger Your DSLR Wirelessly With Smartphone and ESP8266 Wi-fi Module

It will only cost you a few bucks (pounds, euros or whatever) and require basic soldering skills to wirelessly trigger your DSLR camera from any smartphone, including Self-timer and Intervalometer modes.

Tested on a Canon DSLR, but it should work with any camera with built-in shutter switch terminal (cf.

dslr trigger

Parts List:

- ESP8266 Wi-fi module
- USB to serial adapter, with Dupont cables
- battery AAA x 2
- battery holder
- switch
- optocoupler 4N25 or equivalent
- resistor 220 Ohm (actual value depends on optocoupler characteristics)
- small scrap of prototyping board
- tablets tube (nice enclosure :) )
- cable and connector, depending on your camera model

dslr trigger2

See the full instructable at;