The Download Board

BlueAK and his team on istructables created 'The Download Board' as part of the Multi Modal Media Madness Lab at the Media Computing Group of the RWTH Aachen university and now they share it with you.

download board

Have you ever had the problem of having to download a big volume of data but didn't want to leave the computer on the entire night? Then don't worry no more, we have the right solution for you!

Using the Intel Galileo Gen 2, we have created a tool to easily download files. The main part of the board is a http server which does all the work. Download links can be sent off via a simple self developed iPhone App which are then stored in a list. The files are downloaded one after another and will be saved on the micro SD card or into the root folder of a plugged in USB device.
Feel free to adjust the code as you see fit!

See the full set up at;