Sending data from Arduino to Excel (and plotting it)

Instructables' Crtek brings us 'Sending data from Arduino to Excel (and plotting it)'

I've searched extensively for a way that I could plot my Arduino sensor reading in real time. Not only plot, but also display and store the data for further experimentation and corrections. The simplest solution I’ve found was to use excel, but with a twist.


For this you will need:
-Windows (tested on xp)
-Arduino IDE
-Microsoft office (tested on 2010)
-PLX-DAQ (expansion for excel)
-Arduino (tested on UNO, but any board should work)
I am assuming that you’ve already got an Arduino, Windows, Arduino IDE and Excel. Here’s the link to download PLX-DAQ:

You only need to download and install it, it should work fine. After installation, it will automatically create a folder named PLX-DAQ on your Desktop in which you will find a shortcut named PLX-DAQ Spreadsheet.

When you want to use your Arduino to send data to excel, just open up the shortcut.

For the all steps tutorial visit;