Scrap Bin Challenge Results

Back on the 21st of October I announced a challenge, the Scrap Bin Challenge. This challenge was all about making robots from rubbish that was lying around the house. The purpose of this was to show the younger generation that they could make robots out of anything they wanted and for less money.

The challenge has now finished and the entries were amazing. All the entries that were sent in were absolutely amazing, making this a very hard challenge to judge, but there could only be three winners.

Coming in at 3rd place is C.A.R.L by KIDBOT.

C.A.R.L is the start of KIDBOT’s room automation system. The main robot is comprised of a cardboard box head with an RGB ‘eye’ and an eyelid. The head is able to express its ‘emotions’ by moving its eyelid and changing the colour of the eye. KIDBOT also developed an arm system that is able to turn the light switch in his room on and off, the design being rather ingenious. This design behind the eyelid and the arm were truly clever and so for that reason he received the 3rd place prize of the Adafruit 16 Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Shield.

In 2nd Place was Decascrap by Drewtoby.

Decascrap is a three servo powered decapod. One servo controls the two front and back legs which lift either side of the bot up. The other two servos are used to move the guitar pick legs forwards and backwards. The design of the legs are truly amazing and very unique. I have never seen anything like this type of locomotion system before and that added with the amount of effort put into the looks of this robot scores him the 2nd place prize of the 38 Piece Screwdriver set and a Sugru Multicolour pack.

Lastly, the grand prize, 1st place. This was not a hard decision. This robot really stood out ahead of the rest. This robot was constructed out of a material that everyone has, the material was used in a very clever way and the robot itself was very impressive. Without further ado, 1st place went to Cevinius with his robot C-Zero.

Cevinius has been on the blog before for his ‘Wobbly’ biped and he is on it again thanks to another bipedal design. Everything about this robot was clever. The materials he used, how he used them, where he placed the components and how he programmed the walking gait. C-Zero was definitely the standout of the challenge and for that Cevinius receives the 1st place prize, the Cherokey 4WD Mobile Robot.

This challenge was a real joy to do and I loved reading through all of the entries. All the entries were amazing and the amount of creativity shown by all was outstanding. What I would like to mention as well is that both KIDBOT and Drewtoby are both in their early teens, they are true inspirations for their peers and I am glad that these prizes are going to good homes.