'Robotanic' a VIVID Project Supported by Core Electronics

Hey everyone at Core Electronics! My name is Jono, and i’m part of a team of guys who was responsible for a large scale interactive installation that took place at VIVID this year at Martin Place.

The inception of ‘Robotanic’ took place several months ago, when it was just a simple idea and a couple of sketches.

Over time, we developed a clear direction of where we wanted to take it, and that meant hours of research, testing and experimentation. Our sculpture had to incorporate touch sensors, engaging sound effects, pulsating lights, and ultrasonic distance sensors all tied into one unique sculptural form.




To realise our vision, we needed to source the best electronics for the job (not to mention, get them quickly!) and for us that meant Core Electronics. We were able to get the parts we needed to begin testing, soldering and putting everything together. The entire process took months, and we were still gluing on sensors just before opening night.

However, the end result was absolutely worth it! Seeing hundreds, if not thousands of people walking through Martin Place and interacting with our sculpture was incredibly fulfilling, and it really seemed like everyone got something out of it! Young and old, people would stop to be immersed in the lights and sounds that we had created.



Huge thanks to our sponsor Core Electronics, couldn’t have happened without you guys!

Jono, and the team at Robotanic.