Robjects - A 3D Printed Modular Robot System

Every week I bring you some of the coolest and latest things happening in the electronics world, today, not so much. Today I will be writing about something I am doing! Hey come on, don’t close the tab yet! Hear me out for just a second.

I make lots of robots, lots and lots of robots. Often when making robots the design changes multiple times and the core idea will change from beginning to end. During these stages hot glue and double sided foam tape are my best friend. They allowed me to quickly put to things together to see if it would work, pull something apart and start again. The downside of this was all the residue that would be left on those parts after pulling them apart. Hot glue isn’t too hard to get off with a knife and a screwdriver, but double sided foam tape is a whole different story.

To solve this problem I wanted a system that would allow me to quickly prototype my robot designs, but also allow me to make that design permanent. Having just finished making a 3D printer I decided to come up with a 3D printable design that ticked both of those boxes.

I came up with Robjects. Robjects are essentially blocks, blocks that are highly modular and house commonly used robotics components (such as servos and Arduino boards). What Robjects allow me to do is put my robotics parts into them, quickly mock up a design using the quick and easy male/female dovetail joint system and then make that design permanent by using some M3 socket head screws.

I’m having a lot of fun with it and I am really happy with how people are responding to it. I used Thingiverse for the first time the other day putting all the files up and I must say, the Thingiverse community is really friendly and helpful!

If you want to check Robjects out be sure to visit their Thingiverse page here.

I would love to hear what you all think as well, don’t be afraid to leave a comment!