Build an RC Blimp for less than $13

Who doesn’t want a small remote control blimp flying through their house? I certainly do, and for less than $13, it makes for a quick and easy weekend project.

Instructables user ‘masynmachien’ is into the hobby of building small blimps, but using lightweight remote control gear is often rather expensive. For this build he went another route and decided to see if he could hack a small remote control car and convert it into the control system for the blimp, this turned out to be quite simple.

The blimp is weighted in such a way that allows the blimp to slowly sink with no throttle on the propeller, but easily gains altitude once the propeller is at full speed. The actual propellers are constructed of the plastic used in butter and cheese containers. A small hole is pricked into the small rectangle cut-out of plastic, which gives a tight fit on the motor shaft, and the ends are then curved slightly to give it that propeller shape.

All the electronics for the blimp are repurposed from a 1:64 scale remote control car named ‘mini racer’. The dismantling of the car has to be done gently as many of the wires are very thin gauge and can be pulled from their solder joints very easily. To save weight many of the non-essentials, such as LED lights, are removed. The rest is then taped onto the balloon.

For more information and full build instructions take a look at the projects Instructables page which can be found here.