Practice Your Moves On Your Personal LED Dancefloor

We’ve all dreamt of having our own disco dancefloor in our homes at some stage. Now, with the help of Instructables user madmat01, it’s possible to incorporate an awesome looking LED disco dancefloor into any tiled area of your home. The design is simply stunning and is also fully customizable to create whichever combination of colors you desire which will impress guests or simply add ambiance to the chosen room.

The circuit for the disco dancefloor isn’t overly complicated to assemble and involves a little bit of soldering on a breadboard, with the only difficult part involving the attachment of the power plug. Lighting effects are created using an Arduino board, which can be easily programmed to display a range of color sequences to light up the disco dancefloor in different colors depending on beat volume, tempo, note range, or any other method you desire. You can even set the lighting effect to a music genre such as 70s Disco, Hip-Hop etc.

The actual dancefloor can be created to any specifications desired, although madmat01 opted for a relatively small area of 1640mm x 930mm with 120 pixels split into 8 columns of 15. Once the grid has been constructed and glued down, perspex is laid over the top so that the visualizations are visible. Seek out the toughest perspex you can find and use diffusion material to hide the LEDs underneath while ensuring the lights are still visible on the surface.

Once connected the LED disco dancefloor simply looks incredible. Ensuring the perspex fits smoothly alongside the tiles is perhaps the most important part of the project, creating a flawless transition from dancefloor to regular floor. You can then customize the lighting sequence and show off your own personal disco dancefloor!