Portable Bluetooth Boomcase

The Boomcase is a vintage suitcase converted into a boomcase, It has two woofers and two tweeters. The case is powered by one lead acid battery. The boomcase can be charged via a 230V power supply. The amplifier delivers 15 watts of power per channel, and has a connector for an external sub-woofer (30W). You can easily take this case to the park or to the beach or just let it play at your home.


You will need:

- Suitcase
- Speakers (found in a local second hand store).
- Buck convertor
- Switched mode power supply
- Bluetooth module
- Usual electronic components
- Lead acid battery
- Lead acid batterycharger
- Heatsink: recovered from old Acoustimass speaker

Visit oleys' complete instructable at; http://www.instructables.com/id/Portable-Bluetooth-Boomcase/?ALLSTEPS