Having just made a Prusa i2 3D printer I am always searching the net to find the coolest 3D printable robot gear.

This Plotclock by Thingiverse user joo is precisely the sort of thing I keep my eyes out for.

Intead of just a boring clock that shows you the time Plotclock draws the current time onto its own personal whiteboard!

The great thing about the Plotclock is how easy it is to assemble. The Plotclock can be assembled using just an Arduino, 3 micro servos, 1 dry wipe pen, some various M3 nuts and bolts and of course the 3D printed (or optionally laser cut) frame.

Plotclock uses two micro servos to move the end effector, which is the dry wipe pen, with another servo being used to raise and lower the pen.

The Plotclock first draws out the current time, once finished it picks up the eraser and clears the board. This process is repeated so that the time is always kept up to date.

This is a great build for someone wanting to make more than a trinket with a 3D printer.

For more information you can check out the Thingiverse project page here.

If you would like to make one of your own and don’t have your own 3D printer or laser cutter make sure to search for your local Hackerspace/Makerspace or Fablab.

You can also pick up the rest of the parts for this build in the Core-Electronics shop (apart from the dry wipe pen).