NinTastic - Nintendo Style Case for the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer designed originally to help teaching computer programming in schools. However, because of its low cost and versatility makers all around constantly come up with some truly amazing RaspPi projects.

One such project is ‘NinTastic’. Thingiverse user [tastic007] has designed a 3D printable Nintendo style case that neatly houses a Raspberry Pi. It prints in three pieces and features a snap fit construction.

So why is a Nintendo style case really cool to have for a Raspberry Pi? Well, if you aren’t familiar, there are a bunch of retro game emulators available for the Pi allowing you to relieve the days of 32bit goodness. [tastic007] uses the RetroPi setup which makes use of the RetroArch emulator which can emulate anything from the original Doom games to even a PlayStation 1.

The even cooler part of this build is that inserting the SD card into the Pi is just like inserting the game cartridges into those old gaming systems, even more retro goodness!

If you would like to 3D print the NinTastic case be sure to check out the Thingiverse page here. Also, [tastic007] also has a great installation tutorial for the software on that page as well, so even if you just want to install the emulation software, still give the page a look over.