New Product to the Market - The FreeSoC2 Development Board

As seen on - 15th May


The FreeSoC2 is the big talk of the town. The PSoC (Programmable System on a Chip) brings together features of the programmable devices and microcontroller-type systems on chips into one package. By placing a programmable fabric between the peripherals and the pins, the FreeSoC2 allows any function to be routed to any pin! Moreover, the on-board PSoC includes a number of programmable blocks which allow the user to define arbitrary digital and analog circuits for their specific application.

Quite simply, YOU get to tell the pins what they are, not the microcontroller. They’re your pins, right? You tell them what they should be. In the following weeks we’ll be coming out with more tutorials and demos showing you how to use and configure all the hardware that’s onboard. For now, check out