Motion Detecting Video Streaming Doorbell

Recently posted on Arduino by Zoe Remano the "Motion Detecting Video Streaming Doorbell' tutorial for those who need a little extra coaching to answer the door or get to many visits from pesky salesmen. Be selective who you leave the comfort of your lounge for!

edison doorbell

Smart Doorbell is the name of the project for a new tutorial created for Intel Edison. It’s a motion detecting doorbell, that senses when someone is near the door(bell) and via a webcam sends a picture of the person approaching the door to a web address while playing a sound.

“Motion detecting video streaming doorbell“, a medium-advanced level tutorial, is intended to be a good starting point for building basic IoT devices. You’ll learn how to use a webcam to detect motion: when activated, the device will play a greeting, take a photo and email it to someone to let them know who is at the door.

For the full tutorial visit;