Easel - by Inventables

Home manufacturing is becoming a big thing. Making your own products at home is now cheaper than ever.

3D Printers are now being sold in retail stores allowing the everyday consumer to pick one up and start creating their own objects. There is one key thing that allows this to happen though, software. With websites like Thingiverse and YouMagine that allow you to browse thousands of 3D models online and software like CURA, which allow you to click and print, 3D printing is accessible for even the most non-tech person.

Household CNC’s are also becoming very popular, but there is still one main limitation that is preventing them from hitting it off, software. Whilst 3D printers are getting powerful and user friendly user interface software packages, CNC mills are being left in the dark with professional grade software. These software packages often have steep learning curves and aren’t ideal for beginners. This is the problem hoping to be solved by the folks over at Inventables with their new cloud based system, Easel.

Easel’s main goal is to turn CNC mill’s into easy to use machines that your average non-tech person could understand.

Easel allows you to sketch out your designs in 2D on one side of the screen, whilst giving you a preview of that design on the material you have chosen to use in 3D. This allows you to see all the little changes that using different materials and different bits have on your design in real time.

When designing your creation you are able to choose which type of material you will be using. The cloud based system is pre-programmed with all tested settings to be used for each material. This ensures that you get perfect results every time without having to tweak for hours or days on end.

The great thing about using the cloud approach is that you are able to connect directly to your machine through the website and manually control it, or monitor its progress completing a job.

Easel has only just been announced and you can still sign up for the early access at the time of writing.

This is an interesting idea that cuts out a lot of other software packages that used to have to be used when using a CNC mill. Hopefully this is what is needed to make CNC mills the next big thing to hit the everyday household market.

For more information check out there website here.