Highlights of CES 2014 - Intel's Edison

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is currently in full swing for the year 2014. CES is the once a year event where companies exhibit their latest creations and soon to be products in a bid to get as much attention as possible, all claiming to have the next greatest thing.

There are a lot of amazing products being unveiled, so in these next few blog posts I will show some of my favourites.

Intel’s Edison

Remember back to the pre 2000’s, remember those Pentium computers we used to have? Well guess what, Intel has hit them with a shrink ray. Meet Edison, the tiny SD card sized PC.

Intel Edison

The Edison is a dual-core chip that runs Linux and has all the modern goodies; WiFi, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and even its own app store!

There isn’t much grunt in that nice see through case, but it’s forgiven due to its incredibly small size.

So you may be wondering what the use of an SD sized computer, well, it’s really made for anything and everything. The idea behind it is that companies will be able to utilize the Edison in their products to boost processing power and further increase functionality.

Intel has not confirmed the exact price yet, but it’s rumoured to be around the $200 mark.

There isn’t much information on the Intel site, but you can find it here.