ESP8266 Dash Button

A simple inexpensive Wifi Button!

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This is inspired by Amazon Dash Button. So I made this open sourced project to make Wifi buttons. All circuits, board, 3D printed case files are available. You can press a button to request an URL. Also you can config wifi network and URL wirelessly by your android device.


This is a small box with only one button. Every time you push the button. It will connect to WiFi and access an URL.
WiFi SSID and Password can be configured through ESP-TOUCH protocol and the URL can be changed by UDP packet. Two LEDs on it's case shows status of module and circuit.
When button is pressed, the circuit powers ESP8266 module and the module will connect to WiFi with SSID and password in flash memory. Once Wifi connection is established, this button will request a certain URL in flash memory and turn itself off to save power.
For ESP-TOUCH, there is no official code to do it, however I did some decompile from a obfuscated APK file. The android code is not easy to read but it do works well with esp-touch functions on ESP8266. So softAP is not needed here to config WiFi network.


ESP-12 module 

1k 10k 100K 0805 resistors 

IRLML6402 and IRLML2502 

SOD123 Diode 

push button 

battery case 

3mm Red, Green LEDs