DIY Hacking your own Home Automation System

bitsandbots hacks is own project 'The CoreConduit: Garden Controller System' and shows us how the same concept can be used to run a home automation system.,

automation hack


Arduino Uno R3 ( this project can be extended using more units.)
Arduino Uno Protoshield (the author uses a prototyping board designed for what looks like a Nokia LCD display.) We can use the same one or make our own.)
Real-Time Clock module (DS3231)
10k resistormale pcb headers
female pcb headers
wire w/ connectors for the sensors
OPTIONAL: DHT21/22 Temperature / Humidity sensor
OPTIONAL: Photocell
433MHz RF Transmitter & Receiver Modulesset 5 pack of Wireless Controlled Outlets (recommend Etekcity 5 Pack Auto-programmable Function Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switches)
2 or more - nRF24L01 2.4Ghz Wireless Radio Transceiver modules

Optional Parts:

Arduino Uno R3* or Pro Mini*Real-Time Clock Module
Optional: nRF24L01 Adapter with 3.3v regulator
connector wires
Display Option LCD w/ buttons Shield + Arduino Uno R3*
2 x 4-pin male header connector wires
SD Card Option SD Card Shield + Arduino Uno R3*
connector wires
Internet Connectivity Option

Ethernet or WiFi Shield + Arduino Uno R3*
connector wires - see
conduit box w/ lid


Soldering Iron w/ solder
screwdriver - small flat head
USB Cord - Standard
PC w/ Arduino or Atmel Visual Studio w/ Visual Micro plugin

Read the complete instructable at;