Create A Sound-Activated Outlet

Remember the 80s when everyone was in awe of the Clapper which allowed users to turn appliances on and off with a simple clap of the hands? Instructables user DIY Hacks and How Tos has taken this idea one step further with the sound activated outlet which allows users to customize the clapping pattern that activates the appliance it’s attached to. This eliminates any false activations, a major drawback of the original Clapper, and allows the control of multiple outlets with varying clapping patterns.

The idea is so simple it’s brilliant and allows full control over household appliances in a manner which will truly amaze friends and family. Some knowledge of circuitry is required, although the instructions are very comprehensive so as long as you have basic knowledge of electronics you should be fine. The circuit has two parts – the microphone assembly, which is used to identify the sound, and the relay driver which determines where the power is being sent.

Programming the sound activated outlet using an Arduino board is the fun part of the project and offers limitless customization. You can use one clapping code to turn on the lamp and another to turn on the fan. You can whistle instead of clapping or even say a code word such as ‘lamp on’. You can even set a timer which will, turn the appliance off after a certain period of time – perfect for something like a heater.

The outlet allows for the addition of an unlimited number of relay driver circuits which can be attached to an unlimited number of household appliances. Simply create a different activation for each one on the Arduino and you will have full control over your appliances without ever having to physically witch one on again!