Build a Multi-Voltage Portable Power Supply You Can Take Anywhere

Instructables' j_thompson brings this tutroial to show you how to build - an ultra-convenient, portable bench-top power supply you can take anywhere. It's powered by 8 AA batteries so you never need to worry about travel adapters and it's ultra-light for flying!

power supply

The shopping list
This is a long list, but the components themselves are wonderfully cheap.
    •    You will need:
    •    3-way switch (x1)
    •    Resistors
    •    220Ω (x1)
    •    LED (x1)
    •    Capacitors
    •    10µF electrolytic (x5)
    •    0.1µF ceramic (x3)
    •    Voltage regulators
    •    LM7809, 9V (x2)
    •    LM7805, 5V (x1)
    •    LD1117-3.3, 3.3V (x1)
    •    Perf board / PCB (preferably tracked, approximately 70x45mm) (x1)
    •    Wires (x1 pack)Heat shrink tubing (optional but recommended) (x1)
    •    Battery compartment (8xAA, preferably with 9V connector) (x1)
    •    9V connector lead (if you have the above battery compartment) (x1)
    •    Shotkey diode (x3)
    •    Project box (buy this last after you have your finished board, battery compartment ) (x1)
    •    You'll also need connectors to get the power out to your project.

Usage notes (for Arduino):
Please note that the +5V supply should not be connected to an Arduino's 5V Vcc simultaneously with any other power source. This includes power from USB. Therefore, please use the 9V rail through Vin or the DC connector, or disconnect the supply before connecting to USB.

circuit powersupply

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