BeamBox - A Tower That Glows to Your Commands

A project by PerfectPixel (instructables)

BeamBox - The partly 3D printed, part hand crafted rectangular tower that glows to your commands, either pre-determined, to music or by using specialised lighting software.


The design is very similar to the VortoLight but with a different goal in mind. The goal of the BeamBox is to be easy and fun to build while being less oriented about the internet control aspect that is the focus of the VortoLight. The BeamBox needs cheap corrugated plastic (also known widely as CorFlute) and runs off of an Arduino. A single BeamBox costs roughly $10-20 depending on your location and material availability.
3D printing these days is pretty cool, right? However I feel as if it takes some of the fun out of making stuff. Instead of doing most of it yourself you set and forget your 3D printer and come back a few hours later to join the parts together and... that's it. I wanted to make something that used 3D printing but still had a lot of human involvement. This makes it a whole lot more fun to make.

Beambox parts


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