Bacon Alarm Clock

What do you get when you combine the three things I love the most; bacon, sleep and an Arduino? An Arduino powered alarm clock that wakes you up to a heavenly bacon aroma!

User [llopez2005] over on Instructables has created this one of a kind (well I think so at least) ‘Bacon Alarm Clock’.


The electronics behind it are pretty simple. It uses an Arduino Uno with a custom shield that has a RTC (Real Time Clock) module, a Bluetooth module and a piezo buzzer. On top of the custom shield there is a 2*8x8 LED matrix display shield in order to show the time.

Instead of cooking actual bacon [llopez2005] made some fake modelling clay bacon which still looks just as delectable! To make the heavenly bacon aroma [llopez2005] melted some candle wax and mixed it with bacon scented oil. This ‘bacon wax’ and fake bacon is placed in a saucepan on an electric heating pad. The Arduino powers the pad through a relay when the timer goes off, heating the wax and releasing the bacon aroma.

The clock is controllable from an Android device thanks to the Bluetooth module. This could easily be replaced with a couple of pushbuttons however to make a standalone system.

If you love bacon just as much as I do and would love to make a ‘Bacon Alarm Clock’ then be sure to pick up the following components in store:

And be sure to check out the Instructable page which can be found here