64x16 RED LED Marquee

Tustin High T-Tech from Instructables created this small scale LED marquee to display messages to a classroom in a more modern and centralized way. In the classroom, this construction would save white board space and is convenient because it can store a large amount of information. As is also fairly simple to program and has a mount, you could personalise your message and put it anywhere.

You will need;

    •    1 64x16 LED matrix.
    •    Access to a 3D modeling computer program such as SolidWorks in which you will be able to create the mount for the Marquee and the containment box for the arduino processor
    •    1 Arduino UNO processor and Arduino coding software
    •    1 9v battery
    •    9 male-female pin cables

64x16 marquee items

To see the step by step process goto; http://www.instructables.com/id/64x16-RED-LED-Marquee/