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    1. USBasp USBISP 3.3V/5V AVR Programmer 018-USB-AVR-ISP

      USBasp USBISP 3.3V/5V AVR Programmer

      SKU: 018-USB-AVR-ISP
      This handy little programmer is well known by hobbyists and seasoned AVR coders alike. The drivers are compatible with 32 and 64bit operating systems. Learn More
      $9.95 AUD, inc GST
      AUD, inc GST
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      Wed 1st of Mar

      $9.95 AUD

    2. XMEGA Xprotolab DEV-11643 Sparkfun Australia

      XMEGA Xprotolab

      SKU: DEV-11643
      When you think about a piece of equipment like a mixed signal oscilloscope you usually think of, well, a piece of equipment. What you probably don’t imagine is a DIP package. The XMEGA Xprotolab is exactly that: The first ever mixed signal oscilloscope, logic analyzer and arbitrary waveform generator in a DIP module. At only 1 x 1.6 inches, this oscilloscope can be plugged directly into a breadboard. Learn More
      $99.09 AUD, inc GST
      AUD, inc GST
      delivered by
      Mon 6th of Mar

      $99.09 AUD

    3. ATmega128RFA1 Development Board DEV-11197 Sparkfun Australia

      ATmega128RFA1 Development Board

      SKU: DEV-11197
      The ATmega128RFA1 is a portmanteau of sorts – two separate components combined to form one device; half microcontroller, half RF transciever. ATmega128RFA1 is an IEEE 802.15.4 compliant single-chip, combining the industry- leading AVR microcontroller and best-in-class 2.4GHz RF transceiver providing industry’s highest RF performance for single-chip devices, with a link budget of 103.5dBm. Learn More
      $75.94 AUD, inc GST
      AUD, inc GST
      $75.94 AUD

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