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  1. Circuit Scribe Maker Kit COM-13255 Sparkfun Australia

    Circuit Scribe Maker Kit

    SKU: COM-13255
    This is the Circuit Scribe Maker Kit, a massive conductive ink pack with a full range of modules and other items that you can use to create cool circuits. Similar to the Lite Kit, this Circuit Scribe Maker Kit is easy to set-up, choose the modules you want to connect, draw your circuit lines with the included Conductive Ink pen and you’re good to go! With this kit you will be able to work with more advanced output components and sensors. Add sound to your circuits using the Buzzer Module, fade between colors by combining the RGB LED and Potentiometer Modules, or control your outputs with light using the Photosensor. Of course you don’t need to just stop at using only the modules included in this kit, go out there and make any circuit you wish to create! Learn More
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    Mon 12th of Dec

    $171.14 AUD

  2. Frequency Generator Kit - FG085 KIT-11394 Sparkfun Australia

    Frequency Generator Kit - FG085

    SKU: KIT-11394
    Function generators are useful in a ton of applications from RF to embedded logic. They’re not usually super cheap though. Good news: we found a kit. The FG085 MiniDDS Function Generator is a ‘some assembly required’ kit that becomes a flexible, functional and easy to use frequency generator. Just solder the through-hole parts in place, attach the face/base plates and before you know it you’ll be generating sinewaves at frequencies up to 200KHz! But that’s only one of the tricks this thing can do. Three different operating modes allow the FG085 to generate 7 different types of continuous waveform as well as servo test and control signals in micro-second resolution. Learn More
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    Fri 9th of Dec

    $84.88 AUD

  3. Gram Piano Kit KIT-11835 Sparkfun Australia

    Gram Piano Kit

    SKU: KIT-11835
    Pianos are heavy and can take about a year to make. What if you could have one that weighed only a few grams and took a very small amount of time to construct? The Gram Piano is a beginners soldering kit that, once assembled, gives you with a musical keyboard that will leave you feeling like a modern day Mozart. This kit provides you with the ability to play an octave worth of notes using the capacitive touch keys, no strings or hammers required! The pre-installed software also lets you play a melody with the press of a button and switch octaves using a soldered potentiometer. Learn More
    $46.28 AUD, inc GST
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    $46.28 AUD
  4. SparkPunk Sequencer Kit KIT-12707 Sparkfun Australia

    SparkPunk Sequencer Kit

    SKU: KIT-12707
    The SparkPunk Sequencer is a musical control voltage sequencer designed to control the SparkPunk Sound Kit. With the pair, you can create ten-step musical motifs, but there are hidden opportunities in the sequencer: it can be modified and connected to external hardware in clever and interesting ways. The SparkPunk Sequencer cycles among ten steps, reading the slider and switch for each, producing corresponding analog voltages on the output pins. It offers hands-on control, with its array of knobs, sliders, and switches while seamlessly integrating with the SparkPunk Sound Generator for your creative musical enjoyment. Learn More
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    Mon 12th of Dec

    $91.13 AUD

  5. SparkPunk Sound Kit KIT-11177 Sparkfun Australia

    SparkPunk Sound Kit

    SKU: KIT-11177
    The SparkPunk Kit is a sound generator made in the spirit of the Atari Punk Console. Rather than simply recreating the Atari Punk, the SparkPunk is a new design that springs from a similar foundation. It starts with a dual 555 timer IC, then adds a second tone source, sub-octaves and a bandpass filter. With all of the knobs and switches, a lot of tonal variations are possible. As a through-hole kit, the SparkPunk can also be easily extended and modified, expanding the palette of tones even further. Learn More
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    AUD, inc GST
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    Fri 9th of Dec

    $53.16 AUD

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