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Adafruit Feather

Adafruit has developed their family of microcontroller boards, each of which utilizing different microchip combinations for specific tasks. Data logging, Wi-Fi, LoRa, and Bluetooth enabled boards are all among the collection of Feather Boards by Adafruit.

We've put together a range of tutorials to help you get started with Feather Boards and Wings. Get in touch with us for sales questions, or our forum for technical support (we're here to help!)

So you've got your brand new RetroPie gaming kit setup, but you've got no idea how to save your games. No one wants to be starting afresh each and every time they jump onto their Pi for some light gaming. I've put together this handy guide that will ...
One of the big questions in DIY electronics circles is which DIY platform is going to be the best for me? And the two biggest platforms right now is Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Whilst at first glance they might seem the same; circuit board with some ...
Hi there! If you’re wondering what all the hype and interest surrounding Raspberry Pi is about, you’ve come to the right place. The original Raspberry Pi debuted in 2012, and is a credit card sized computer that has ports for USB devices...

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